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Fundraising Drive for a Cancer Patient and Save a Life (All about heroes who give of their best)

Another campaign on behalf of Joel Castillo who is undergoing bone-marrow transplant for his acute myeloid leukemia, a form of cancer affecting the blood, is spearheaded by the Isabelita-Rosueta Organization (IROG). Through the kindness and help of Kevin Hamdorf, a close friend and former colleague, anyone can buy fine-art prints and share the proceeds to Joel’s medical needs. So, apart from the t-shirts you can buy as fundraising campaign for Joel’s treatment, you can also acquire beautiful prints to decorate your home or your office. (Please check out this link for the details: and

In connection with the ongoing fundraising campaigns, we would like to express their appreciation for Diorella Printing Shop for donating 2,500 posters of Joel’s AB+ blood solicitation drive for his transfusion needs. Likewise, their appreciation and thanks go to Remus Printing Shop of Olongapo City for donating Castillo-Family-Picture Thank-You postcards for those who have purchased t-shirts.
And, finally, the Castillo Family would like to express their thanks and appreciation for the Subic Bay Chamber of Commerce for spreading the campaign en-masse to its members.

A giga thanks to all these wonderful heroes who have selflessly made time to help a respected family of Sto. Tomas. For the information of all, Joel and Rose Castillo put up a company to employ many young and dynamic IT professionals in Subic and eventually launched a foundation (IROG) to provide scholarships to the youth in Sto. Tomas, Subic. Please check out this site Isabelita Rosueta Organization (IROG).

As fate would have it, Joel’s condition has turned the table around and the Castillo Family now needs the assistance of others. The outpouring of help so far only shows that a good deed does come around and return to those who have given plenty of it to others. Seeing the joy and enthusiasm of Isabelita Rosueta Organization beneficiaries during their Christmas and many yearly activities is only half of the picture as the faces of those people who compose IROG likewise show the deep joy and sincere love of those who give.

So, whether you are in need or you are in a position to give, the joy is one and the same because we all share in the wonderful blessing of life from Heaven. We have received the best from our Maker; let us then share our best to others as much as we can. Only then can we say that we have and we know true love.

God truly provides through individuals and people to whom He has given abundantly.

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